We’ve worked for a variety of clients, ranging from small businesses and even university students, to multinational corporations. Want to see some of our work? Check out the videos below.

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Thesis yarn? Klook is the answer! Explore over 2 million hotel options bundled with your favorite activities! #KlookHotels

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Immerse yourself in the bold story of Luckin Coffee – the Chinese startup that brewed a revolution in the coffee industry. From the rapid rise of its digital-first model to becoming a serious rival for Starbucks in China, Luckin was the buzz of the town. But this success story took a bitter twist as a $300m fraud was unveiled, sending shockwaves through the industry. Dive with us into this intriguing saga of ambition, innovation, dramatic fall and the aftermath, as we explore what the future holds for this underdog turned pariah.☕📱💥📉 #LuckinCoffee #StartupStories #BusinessDrama #CoffeeCulture #TechInnovation #Scandal #BusinessUnderdogs #FromRiseToFall #Learningisfun

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Some of our other clients include: