Do You Want to be a Voiceover Artist?

Yes, it’s a loaded question. And no, I don’t have a single answer for you. But instead, I have a few of them. Whether you’re looking for one-on-one mentorship, communities of voice actors, group courses to sign up for, or a combination of these things, lemme try and point you to some of the best places to learn how to be a voice actor or voice talent in the Philippines. I can’t promise you a comprehensive list of these places. However, I can say with absolute certainty that these are some of the best ones I know. Ready? Let’s go!

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My Battlestation

PhilSTAR Tech, the technology section of The Philippine STAR, recently launched a new segment called Battlestation, and I was… umm… quite involved in it. I wrote the first feature, and in it, I showcased… well… my own battlestation, the LCVO studio.

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Punch and Roll: An Easy 10-Minute Tutorial

If you want to learn how to punch and roll, I can teach you the basics in (just) under 10 minutes – that’s how long this video is. Granted, I can probably do it even faster than that – and the section where I demonstrate punch and roll is just five minutes long – but I talk about a few other things as well.

Anyway, click on through to see the video, as well as some more thoughts I have on the matter.

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Soundproofing vs. Sound Treatment (This Time in Video)

I’ve written about the difference between soundproofing and sound treatment before, but not everyone enjoys reading articles (especially long ones), so I decided to make some videos… and short ones at that. Feel free to click the link above if you want more detail, but if you want just the basics, check out these these videos. They’re only between 60 and 90 seconds long, and I’ve broken them down into these four topics:

  1. The difference between soundproofing and sound treatment,
  2. The basic things we need to soundproof a room,
  3. The reason we need sound treatment, and
  4. The two main tools for sound treatment.

And on a side note, you can also find these same videos (minus the captions) up on our Instagram and Facebook reels. Anyway, click through to see the videos.

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Feature: Empires – VNG

We’ve featured Globe Telecom and Alibaba, and I narrated both of these series for the 1 Up Media podcast Empires. For our third series, we go to Vietnam, where we explore the rapid rise of a company often referred to as the “Tencent of Vietnam,” VNG Corporation. This ride is a four-part journey, with a interview to cap things off on the fifth episode.

If this sounds like something you’d like to journey you’d like to go on, please feel free to click through. Enjoy the ride!

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Feature: Empires – Alibaba

I previously posted about the series on Globe Telecom I narrated for the 1 Up Media podcast Empires, and now I’m sharing the next one – this time about Alibaba. It’s a five-part series this time around, with an interview after to bring the count to six.

As usual, I’m very critical of my own work, but I won’t dwell on that here. Let’s just say I started finding my footing sometime during the production of this series. I can still find things to nitpick about (and I don’t think that’ll ever change regardless of what I do), but I can promise you that the writing is superb, and the sound design creates a pretty damn immersive listening experience.

That’s it! Please click through to listen to the series, and I hope you enjoy the ride.

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Join the Clubhouse

If you’re a voice actor seeking feedback, education, and community, I’d like to invite you to join the Voice Actors at Home PH Clubhouse. I’ve said before that feedback is currency in this industry (and let’s be honest, this is true for so many other things). And I’m sure I’ve repeated the idea that we should #NeverStopLearning several times, whether here, or elsewhere online. On top of this, I’ve espoused the value of joining communities of like-minded people. I stand by all of these ideas, and that’s why I’m extending this invitation.

And in the name of full transparency:

  • this Clubhhouse is a voice acting community with a paid membership,
  • I’m one of the community leads in that group,
  • the link above is an affiliate link for a lifetime membership, and
  • I’ve also got a discount code, which I’ll share below

Now, with that clear, let’s talk about what the Clubhouse is all about.

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