Hello, World!

I’m Luis, and I’m a voice actor. I’m one half of LC VoiceOver – the other half being my wife, Claire – but I’m likely the only one you’ll hear from here. What, exactly, will be I be posting about? To be honest, I have no idea. The bulk of posts will probably be about voiceover, but I really can’t say for sure.

But this post is about me.

And this image, that’s me, in April 2019, at my first studio recording.


So I’ve been doing voice work professionally since 2019, but I would trace the beginning of my voiceover career to 2018, when I joined the VocAlliance Community. But I can trace it even further back – my love affair with production (whether film, theater, or now voiceover) started a long, long time ago. I was in the 4th or 5th grade when I got involved in a production of Death of a Salesman, and I’ve been smitten since then. In the decades since then, I’ve been involved in dozens of theater productions, both onstage and off. I’ve done photography, video production, video editing, graphic design, and a bunch of other jobs related to production. And now, I do voice work.

And that brings us here, to LCVoiceOver.com, which I launched a month ago. This is my home now, at least on the web. I’ll be sharing more about my voiceover journey, but I’m pretty sure I’ll venture into a whole bunch of other topics as well. Will all of it be interesting? Maybe. I don’t know. I can’t promise anything. All I can say for sure is that I’m a voice actor, this is my site, and I’ve got things I want to share.

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