It’s Over. But It’s Not.

A few weeks ago, I briefly discussed the first day of the VocAlliance Intermediate Acting Course. Well, yesterday we had our culminating activity, and now it’s over…

But it’s not. Never stop learning, right? And the end of a course – that, in my opinion at least, is just the beginning. We’ve learned a ton over the past month, but we can’t simply take these concepts and techniques and run with them. We have to allow ourselves time to fully absorb them, to practice until we develop muscle memory. Taking and completing the course is the easy part. Taking lessons from it and letting these lessons really take hold in us – that will take time.

So today, I’m just taking stock and reflecting over the past month. It has been exhausting (and at certain points a little overwhelming) and even if I’m still a little bit high from yesterday’s performances, I’m also beginning to feel the weight of it all. And yes, I’m pretty sure the rest of the class is feeling this as well. But I really have to say that I am happy.

I am so happy to have been part of this course – it was amazing. Learning always is. To be perfectly honest, it wasn’t perfect, and we did call ourselves the guinea pig batch, but I expect future iterations of this course to be even better, and just thought of it is getting me excited for future batches.

And of course, I am so thankful to our mentors: Robi Joseph, Jeremy Domingo, and Rudolf Baldonado. You gave so much of yourselves in this course, and I’m sure I speak for the rest of the class when I say we are blown away by that. But what’s even more amazing is how much more you clearly want to share – five weeks is nowhere near enough for everything you want to teach us. Heck, give us five months and we’d probably still want to keep learning from you.

Finally, I am so proud of all my fellow students. All modesty aside, we put on a damn good show. It wasn’t perfect, but it wasn’t half bad, especially considering the different hurdles we faced. We survived five gruelling weeks of this… and let’s be honest, we all want more, right?

Well, we’ve got work to do and lessons to apply. We’ve got to take time to level up our skills and raise our games. That way, we’ll be ready (and hungry for more) when *cough* more advanced courses become available.

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