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If you’re a voice actor seeking feedback, education, and community, I’d like to invite you to join the Voice Actors at Home PH Clubhouse. I’ve said before that feedback is currency in this industry (and let’s be honest, this is true for so many other things). And I’m sure I’ve repeated the idea that we should #NeverStopLearning several times, whether here, or elsewhere online. On top of this, I’ve espoused the value of joining communities of like-minded people. I stand by all of these ideas, and that’s why I’m extending this invitation.

And in the name of full transparency:

  • this Clubhhouse is a voice acting community with a paid membership,
  • I’m one of the community leads in that group,
  • the link above is an affiliate link for a lifetime membership, and
  • I’ve also got a discount code, which I’ll share below

Now, with that clear, let’s talk about what the Clubhouse is all about.

The biggest offer of the VAH PH Clubhouse, at least in my opinion, is access to the 10 monthly coach-led sessions each year. Feedback is such a valuable commodity in this industry, especially if it comes from reputable industry professionals – and that’s just one of the things offered here. I could list down the rest, but I think that would just be redundant. It would be better if you head over to the offer page and check it out yourself.

And I think I buried the lead here, but this is a limited offer to get lifetime access to the community. In a few weeks (after September 15 if I’m not mistaken), joining the community will require a subscription instead of a one-time payment. I think this whole offer is a steal at USD 175 (or around PHP 10,000), especially if you’re in this for the long haul. If you stay a year, that’s under USD 15 (or around PHP 1,000) per month. Longer, and that price drops even more.

Anyway, I won’t bore you with math, so again, just head on over here to learn more about what’s being offered. And if you think the price above is a little too steep, you can plug in the coupon code LUIS20 to shave 20% off the price.

I hope to see you there!

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