Stop Chasing Perfection

I’ve neglected this site for too long, but thankfully, I’ve got some new content I can share here. I posted this on YouTube a few days ago, and while it would’ve been better if I shared it here before, it’s better late than never, right?

The long and short of it is that I’m gonna try to produce more content. Specifically, content that you can watch (or listen) to. That said, I really prefer reading stuff, so I’ve included a transcript below if you’re similarly inclined:

Hi, I’m Luis Cruz, a voice actor, and more importantly, at least in the context of this video, podcast, or whatever this ends up becoming, a frustrated content creator. 

Now the problem isn’t really a lack of ideas (or at least I don’t think so), but rather… well… I toy around with a lot of ideas, but more often than not, they stay in that ethereal, abstract realm. I don’t follow through on them. I don’t flesh them out, and therefore, I don’t even get close to executing them. And this video… well… it’s an attempt to change that. 

And part of the reason I’m trying to change that is ‘coz a friend and colleague has been pushing me (among others) to start a vlog, podcast, or whatever. And while I don’t remember the exact words he’s used anymore, my main takeaway, or my main interpretation of his advice is this: Stop. Chasing. Perfection. And Dave, if you think I’m misrepresenting your advice, please let me know. 

Now anyone who knows me well enough should see the problem already – I’m a perfectionist. Or at the very least, I’ve got some lofty goals when it comes to the production values of whatever I produce. It’s not just my audio that has to be perfect (after all, I’m a voice actor… with a friggin’ home studio), but because, in past lives, I’ve done lighting design, video editing, photography, and a bunch of other jobs connecting to… connected to production, I have a tendency to chase perfection on several fronts. Plus, I’m a writer, too – so that’s yet another front I have to navigate, and I have to do perfectly. 

But anyway, the point that I’m trying to make – and I glossed over it earlier – is that I’m trying to follow through on things. And I’m resisting the urge to chase perfection, and I’m just going for it. I’m getting my thoughts out into the world, and even if I don’t have a fully fleshed out ideas yet, or a bunch of ideas, it’s ok. For now, what’s important is that I produce something, screw perfection, and I take that first step towards vlogging, podcasting, or whatnot. So here I am. 

Now… what am I gonna talk about? Shoot. I don’t know. I really don’t know. I guess I have to figure that out soon. And I’m sure voice acting will be one of my go-to topics – I mean write when… write what you know and all that… or talk about what you know. Whatever. But aside from that, well, I don’t really know. And I think that’s as good a place as any to end this thing. And… I don’t know what I’m doing or where I’m going with this video, but I’m doing it anyway. And hopefully, I can come up with something that you might find worth watching or listening to. 

So that’s it for now. Bye!

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