Lies, Plugs, and Suggestions

This post, like the last one, is a few days late, but again, better late than never, right? Anyway, this time… well…. I think the title pretty much covers it. I’m owning to up to an inaccuracy in my previous video, recommending some other content, and soliciting suggestions.

Again, for those who are more inclined to read rather than watch, here’s a transcript:

Okay, umm… I published a short video just a few days ago about podcasting, specifically about following through, and I said this:   

For now, what’s important is that I produce something, screw perfection, and I take that first step towards vlogging, podcasting, or whatnot. 

Well, it turns out that was a bit of a lie, or at least an inaccuracy, ‘coz I’ve published a handful of videos already, except not on my own channel.  You see, I’m part of a group, and some of you may be familiar with it, called: Voice Actors at Home PH. Our goal is to help people earn a living from… well… voice acting… at home. We’re trying to educate people on how to achieve that, and one way we’re doing that is by answering questions people may have about the industry. If you check out our YouTube channel (and depending on where you’re watching this, you should see the link either up here, or in the caption). Anyway, you’ll see several videos where we do exactly that – answer people’s questions. And I produced a handful of those videos. And if you’re on YouTube, you can see that I’ve got a playlist called “Luis Explains Stuff” where I’ve shared those videos. So… technically, I’d started already before I published that first video, so it’s not my first step. 

And all this, really is just a roundabout way of me plugging the VAH PH YouTube channel while I’m still figuring out what to do with my own content. I’ve got a few things I’m working on, and admittedly some of them are low-hanging fruit, but they’re still works in progress. But I’m curious too if any one of you – anyone out there has any suggestions for what I should do… what I should try. I’m willing to try anything… wait, wait… I’m willing to consider… anything. And if you’d like to collaborate on something, well… I’m down to talk. 

I guess that’s… yeah, I guess that’s it for now, and I hope I hear you, or from some of you in the comments below. Bye!

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